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Wuffy Dogs 7" & Opus 7" Coming 2020

Things were quiet around the Meat House in 2019, but 2020 is slated to be a year of big releases. Pre-Orders will be live the end of December/beginning of January and everything will be shipping in February. More info below.

The Wuffy Dogs "S/T" 7"

One of the great lost punk records from California, supposedly most copies were chucked in the trash 30+ years ago and collectors have been paying high prices ever since. With members of The Rotters and MIA (Oxnard, not Vegas) The Wuffy Dogs released a lone 7" before fading in to obscurity and eventually being featured on various bootleg compilations. Meat House is proud to present an official reissue of this fantastic record with newly mastered sound, the original lay out, and an unreleased lyric booklet! Released in an edition of 500 copies with 400 made available to the public.

Opus "Procedures/The Atrocity" 7"

Opus hailed from Los Angeles and in their short time as a band managed to confuse and infuriate collectors of rare punk for over 40 years. Now Meat House Productions is incredibly proud to announce an official re-release of this classic single at an affordable price. Two songs of pure punk without the four figure price tag, Opus released one 7" in 1979 and then rode off in to the sunset leaving behind a legacy of mystery and collectors emptying their wallets. Remastered audio, accurate art layout, and even flyers that have never been seen on the internet. 100% authorized by the band, this will be released in an edition of 500 copies in 2020.

Posted on December 11th, 2019