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My current want list. I am more than willing to buy or trade, and I am also looking for flyers, badges, business cards, etc. from these bands. Please e-mail me if you have anything I might want:

Absentees "Trying To Mess With Me" 7"

Aryan Disgrace "Faggot In The Family" 7"

Artistic Decline "4 Song EP" 7"

By Golly Band "Wasted Love" 7"

Cardiac Kidz "Get Out" 7"

Cardiac Kidz "Playground" 7"

Child Molesters "(I'm The) Hillside Strangler" 7"

Child Molesters "Wholesale Murder" 7"

Damion Circle And The Luxenboys "Russian Sex" 7"

Deep Six "Ghost Ride" 7"

Detox "Beer Gods" 7"

Dogs "John Rock" 7"

Dogs "Slash Your Face" 7"

Earwigs "She's So Naive" 7"

The Executives "Jet Set" 7"

Falling Idols 12" EP

5051 "El Salvador" 7"

Hated "Seize The Middle East" 7"

Hated "Pressure" 7"

Hollywood Squares "Hillside Strangler" 7"

Hypnotics "Indoor Fiends" LP

Hypnotics "The Expendables" LP

Injections "Prison Walls" 7"

Jackie Shark & The Beach Butchers "2nd Generation Rising" 7"

Kaos "Product Of A Sick Mind" 7"

Legal Weapon "No Sorrow" 12" EP

Lizerds "Is It Late" 7"

Mind Games "Sorry About That Chief!" 7"

Modern Warfare "#2" 7"

Murder One "Gun" 7"

Neighborhood Watch 12" EP

Opus "The Atrocity" 7"

Plugz "Move" 7" w/ neck tie sleeve

The Press "Jimmy Jimmy" 7"

Puke Spit & Guts LP

The Quick "In Tune With The Times" 7"

The Quick "Alpha Beta" 10" EP

The Reactors "Meltdown" 7"

Reign Of Terror "Don't Blame Me" 7"

Rhino 39 "Xerox" 7"

Rise "Visions" 7"

Rise "Rock & Roll Heart" 7"

Rise "Becky" 8"

Rise "Tuff Town Tour" 7"

Rock Bottom & The Spys "Rich Girl" 7"

Saigon "Annihilation" 7"

Silver Chalice "Wasted" 7"

Sin 34 "Die Laughing" 7"

Sin 34 "Do You Really Want To Die?" LP

Sins "Mood Music" 7"

Tazers "Don't Classify Me" 7"

Tracers "Red, Black, and Blue" 7"

Tracers "My My Girl" 7"

Urinals "1st EP" 7"

Urinals "Sex" 7"

Vectors "Death To Disco" 7"

Wuffy Dogs 7"

Xterminators "Microwave Radiation" 7"

XTV & The Pacoima Rats" 7"