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COMING SOON - Funeral "Waiting For The Bomb Blast" 7" & Hated "Innocent People" 7"

The first ever official reissue of Funeral "Waiting For The Bomb Blast" and Hated "Innocent People" will be coming SOON on Meat House productions. Keep an eye out HERE for more info!


Posted on July 17th, 2020
Wuffy Dogs 7" & Opus 7" OUT NOW!

Two brand new releases are out NOW! Quantities are limited and they are selling quickly, so grab one while you can here: Meat House Productions Webstore.

The Wuffy Dogs "S/T" 7"

One of the great lost punk records from California, The Wuffy Dogs 7" has eluded and frustrated collectors for more than a quarter century! With most copies chucked in the trash on a last minute trip to Japan, this rarity has entered the four figure price range in recent years. With members of The Rotters and MIA (Oxnard, not Vegas) The Wuffy Dogs released a lone 7" before fading into obscurity and eventually being featured on various bootleg compilations. Meat House Productions is proud to present an official reissue of this fantastic record with newly mastered sound, the original lay out, and an unreleased lyric booklet! Released in an edition of 500 copies with 400 made available to the public.

Opus "Procedures/The Atrocity" 7"

Opus hailed from Los Angeles and in their short time as a band managed to confuse and infuriate collectors of rare punk for over 40 years. Now, Meat House Productions is incredibly proud to present an official re-release of this classic single at an affordable price. Two songs of pure punk without the four figure price tag, Opus released one 7" in 1979 and then rode off into the sunset leaving behind a legacy of mystery and high prices on the second hand market. Remastered audio, accurate art layout, and even flyers that have never been seen on the internet. 100% authorized by the band, this record has been released in an edition of 500 copies with 250 copies featuring a white sleeve, and 250 copies featuring a yellow sleeve.

Posted on December 11th, 2019
Reign Of Terror "Don't Blame Me" 7" Out Now!

Formed in Los Angeles in 1983, Reign Of Terror was a bit of an anomaly within the greater LA punk scene — they declared themselves "Modern Metal" and played a punk/metal hybrid that wouldn't dominate the landscape until much later. Led by singer/guitar player Ed Danky (ex-Würm), with support from bassist Jesse Fixx (ex-Stains), and a young Japanese punk named David Ishiki on drums, the band played just a handful of gigs and left behind one incredibly rare 7” single and a track on Mystic’s “It Came From Slimey Valley compilation LP. Perplexing punk and metal collectors alike (and decimating their wallets) for the past 35 years, Radio Raheem and Meat House Productions are extremely proud to present an official reissue of all known recorded material by Reign Of Terror. Unfortunately all three band members have since let this mortal coil, but with the help of SST/Black Flag’s Chuck Dukowski, and surviving family members, the single has been remastered and repackaged with unpublished visual material.

Meat House Productions Web Store

Posted on December 10th, 2018
Seditionaries "Wherewolf" 7" Reissue OUT NOW!

Meat 02/Antitodo 029

Seditionaries "Wherewolf" 7" Reissue Available Now! Official reissue of the lone 7" released by Los Angeles punk band Seditionaries. The band was around for several years but released only one single in their short time. Seditionaries were a staple in the LA Punk gig scene, and Meat House Productions (USA) and Antitodo (Europe) are extremely proud to present a reissue of this lost classic. Remastered sound cut from the bands sources, this is the best the single has ever sounded, and includes an insert with lyrics and never before seen photos.

Available in the store now:

Meathouse Webstore

For Non-European distribution please contact: Meat House Productions

For European distribution, please contact Antitodo

Posted on September 17th, 2018
Seditionaries "Wherewolf" 7" Reissue Coming Soon!


Meat 02/Antitodo 25

Seditionaries "Wherewolf" 7"

Meat House Productions and Antitodo are proud to present a stunning recreation of the cult debut single from Southern California's Seditionaries.

500 copies will be available with only 200 available in the USA from Meat House Productions and 200 available in Europe from Antitodo.

This is currently at the plant and will be available for order as soon as they show up at HQ! More info to come!

Posted on May 2nd, 2018